We are super excited to hear your testimony and glorify Jesus with you.

If you have been impacted, saved, healed or encouraged at an Army Rising event or media outlet, please share with us.

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Rhian Letitia HB
Rhian Letitia HB
2 years ago

I first came about HSN February 2029 looking through the spiritual events closest to me. From attending #HSN on the 8 February for the very first time I must say it was an amazing experience. I had 3 prophesies over me, which drew me to the front.

AftercI was prayed over and having the holy spirit clearly and thickly present, I began to feel different in myself. My head felt like something was flowing out 9f it, my right ankle felt loosened up. Walking homewards after the event I was smiling with great joy in my heart for the intervention of the holy spirit in 3 healings on this night. I reached home and was laughing in the spirit and thanking the Lord for blessing me yet again with healings.

Two days later I was walking without limping, and walking more steady without that deep pain I had. I ran and cycled that same day with problems whatsoever. Then, the astonishing thing happened. My brain functioning had started to change, which made me smile A LOT. I could not thank God enough for the outpouring of his presence and healings in my body on this my first HSN event. I was doing my brain training challenges before the event in 4 or more hours, which irritated me a lot, and was way too long to be doing so.

However, since doing the last 30 set, with new results in, NOW it has much less than halved the time and is totally acceptable!! That has been my fastest time EVER, and my concentration level has changed so much, with no brain fog and confusion present. God Be Glorified for the healing! 🙌 So powerful the way he moves in us when we have strong faith.

There was a reason I was drawn to this event, and I believe that by obeying the call of God to attend I indeed was right to be ‘expectant and receive in his name.’ ✊ What a wonderful God we serve. I am rich in the Lord the more I love on and worship him in praise and prayer. Thank GOD for his faithfulness. Amen. 🙏

England, U.K.
zalika wallace
zalika wallace
3 years ago

I love HSN!!! It’s something I look forward to attending as I always experience more of God & what He has to offer. I started going to HSN around October 2017 and already it has helped further build my intimacy with the Holy Spirit (HS). In the past I have always been nervous when it came to prophetic exercises where you are asked on the spot to share what the HS is saying about someone. Kelly T. made it so simple with the idea to ask the HS for an animal which represented the person. It has worked every time and even outside of HSN! Today I had the courage to approach a lady at church with a Word of knowledge I had for her which caused her to start crying (happy tears).
Attending HSN has given me more of a hunger and desire to spend time with the Lord and in turn I have seen my spiritual life grow in the few months I have been attending. I have been blessed many times whether through a prophetic word, support or advise and of course the strong holy presence of God…it’s so tangible you don’t want to leave lol. I am a huge advocate of HSN and I am forever inviting my friends and family to join. The atmosphere is very relaxing and intimate which I really love…it’s like being in someone’s front room.

United Kingdom
3 years ago

This ministry brings so much freedom. I attended early last year before work and WISHED i could stay longer.
The freedom was apparent. The team had one agenda…. to see God glorified.

I left feeling more energised and powerful… stronger and more determined and reminded of promises God gave me… I speak of it like yesterday. I expected my life to look different… and it did.