Mazi – Testimony on Encountering God at HSN

Mazi - Testimony on Encountering God at HSN

I first encountered Holy Spirit Night (HSN) back in Oct 2016 when we met in someone’s apartment, so I’m thinking ‘OK, what’s going on here?’ and someone starts sharing their testimony and talking about how God’s set them free from the addiction of drugs. I was still pretty-much a ‘new Christian’ at this time and I was just thinking ‘WOW! If God can set this man free, he can set anyone free!’ Already I’m feeling there’s something different about this place.

I go to a big church of around 10,000 people and love my church but one thing my church wasn’t giving me was enough worship. I love to worship and at church we sing 4-5 songs and it just isn’t enough for me. When I heard about HSN and that we spend a greater amount of time in worship, even for an hour or so before going into what we call ‘soaking’. I had never done this before but everyone was sitting in silence whilst listening to the Holy Spirit. The next minute, I notice people are writing and drawing stuff they feel they are hearing from the Holy Spirit. I’m thinking ‘OK, let’s just see if this is really going to happen’ because I do believe but my mind was still thinking ‘is this really going to work? Is this true?’

One guy next to me then speaks out and says he felt the Holy Spirit tell him that this lady in the room was possibly a teacher and he saw one of the students facing two paths in his life, one path is leading him to gang life of trouble and the other is leading him to be set free. The lady says ‘YES!’ in agreement because she is a teacher and there was a boy in her class who was causing trouble but she didn’t know how to deal with this. I was just in awe, like wow, because it was so accurate and was my first encounter of the Holy Spirit speaking through people as I saw many others share words and from then on I became addicted.

I started going every other Friday and I began to just let go. There’s something different about worshipping with other people that changes your perspective and one thing HSN has done for me is just that. I can feel like I have had the worst week and I go to HSN and it totally changes my perspective because God is so good and my focus is on Him and he ministers to me personally!

After being in a place where everyone starts praying for each other and gives the Holy Spirit freedom to flow, it’s changed me and from that I started to see healing take place; I would leave there feeling closer to God; I began seeing signs, wonders & miracles; and I felt empowered having an army around me.


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Julia Moore
Julia Moore

Very empowering & interesting read


I am happy for such educational material


That was an interesting read.