Holy Spirit Nights

Holy Spirit Night (HSN) is a twice monthly gathering we hold in East London, which equips and supports the growth of building relationship, understanding and discernment to the voice of the Holy Spirit.


It’s a more intimate evening, compared to other Army Rising events, with around 20-30 people attending. This enables us to provide a sufficient level of security amongst the group, as we want to create a safe environment where everyone can worship freely, feel comfortable to take risks and challenge themselves to step out in faith in delivering prophetic words and practise praying for anyone that is injured or sick.

The night starts with fellowship, prayer, exchange of testimonies and worship. Sometimes Holy Spirit will place on the leaders heart, something to focus on in particular, but this is open to change should the meeting start heading in a new direction under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This has often happened and is where we are learning to be responsive and obedient to His word.

Since HSN started, it is encouraging to see our regular Army family attenders grow in confidence in their prophetic gifting (by the way, you don’t have to be a ‘prophet’ to prophesy) and also take up the challenge to pray for others and even heal the sick.

We believe from this place of encouragement and willingness, we will begin to see so much more in the future of HSN. We also have vision for more groups to spread across London, the UK and Internationally.

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues…” – Mark 16:17

We have already witnessed people be filled with the Holy Spirit and start to speak in tongues; the sick healed, set free and delivered; people receiving words of knowledge and wisdom; and even more unusual signs and wonders, such as gold dust!

HSN is truly a place to explore and tune in to the Holy Spirit to equip you to go out and take it to your homes, work and the market place.


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