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Who We Are and What We Do

Our History

“Army Rising effectively began 1 year ago. In Sept 2016 to be precise. However, it was unknown to me that this was where God was ultimately leading me. Funny isn’t it how God operates? I definitely knew I was being told to “do something” and felt I was acting in obedience. But had someone told me back then that this is what He had planned for the future, I wouldn’t have believed you!

It started through an event called Holy Spirit Night (I explain more on the HSN page). I was invited to do a HSN at a friend’s apartment, so invited some of my sisters to support me and teach the group on how to hear from the Holy Spirit. We had 18 people turn up, which was unexpected, but that looked like nothing compared to the 25+ we had turn up after only 4 months!

I had to start searching for a bigger venue quickly AND increase our meet-up’s to twice a month.”
– Kelly Trayes

Our Mission

Army Rising is an independent ministry set up to equip, empower and set the church on fire! Bringing the truth, power and love back into the church through hungry individuals, debunking some classic “Christianese” and cliches that make us sound super spiritual and holy, but in fact do nothing for us or our community.

The bible says that “signs and wonders follow those that believe” (Mark 16:17) but do we know what a sign and wonder is? How do we know if we have even seen one? What does it mean “those that believe”? How do I discern if it is God or the enemy?

Army Rising is about walking the walk, as well as talking the talk!

Our Team

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Our Vision

The Vision for Army Rising is to ultimately see the church set on fire for the Kingdom of God by equipping the Saints. We trust and expect to see many of the unsaved meet Jesus and choose to follow Him during this process as we teach and train others on intimacy with the Father, identity in Christ, how to love our neighbour’s and what it means to live a supernatural lifestyle.


Our Beliefs

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